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     Every day there are many different circumstances that can add to the level of stress we deal with. Getting our kids ready for school in time, driving through a snowstorm, rushing to get that project done for work, making time for both family and our job….the list goes on. Back pain, muscle tightness, tension headaches, fatigue, and neck pain are all just a few symptoms caused by our daily stress. More than 1 in 4 (10 million) Canadians are dealing with high levels of stress on a regular basis.


Stress is becoming a new normal

It becomes very hard to accomplish anything when your body is being attacked by stress and it can even lead to long term problems as well. There are many different stress-related diseases that are becoming more and more common as more households are experiencing high levels of stress on a daily basis. It has been proven that when a person is under stress on an ongoing basis, that they are less capable of controlling their emotions. Stress can also cause irreversible damage to your heart, one of the most important vital organs in your body. It can also cause you to gain weight, make you look older, and weaken your immune system.

Some additional symptoms from stress include the following:


Stress is inevitable in life, we are all going to experience it in one form or another. The important thing is to not ignore stress or the symptoms that accompany it. A chiropractor can help to alleviate stress-induced symptoms. The longer a body is exposed to stress, the more sensitive it becomes to pain and physical imbalances. By making consistent visits with your chiropractor, it can significantly reduce the damage that stress can cause to your body. A chiropractor can help bring the body back into balance while also relieving the pain.


Stress causes you to tense your muscles which affects how you sit, stand, and walk, and is not good for your entire body. Stress can continue to cause more and more pain which has a negative impact on your sleep and focus. Stress causes your spine to move and the spine is the brain’s personal assistant.

Stress can be both physical and mental and can cause minor displacement of the spine. Discs and joints can degenerate more quickly without normal movement. Your body’s fight or flight response to stress is only supposed to be used for the short term situations in highly stressful surroundings. When used for longer term – this can also cause more damage to your nervous system.

Stress can be viewed as the domino effect on our body. The stress we put on our bodies both mentally and physically can lead to improper joint function, but then improper joint function can lead to more stress on our ligaments and surrounding muscles. Tension that is persistent can induce muscles to contract and the spine to become locked in an abnormal position. If you are under stress all the time without Chiropractic care, you are more likely to gain weight, smoke, and eliminate good sleep and exercise from your life.

Stress can attack multiple different systems in your body:


      1. Musculoskeletal system – muscle tension, headaches, migraines


  • Respiratory system: hyperventilation, panic attacks
  • Cardiovascular system: increased risk for stroke
  • Endocrine system – increased risk for heart disease and diabetes
  • Nervous system:- causes the body to act as though it is being threatened


How a Chiropractor can Help

Chiropractic care is an efficient and useful stress reliever. It is a natural approach to health care. Your chiropractor can help your body back into balance. A simple spinal adjustment will help to restore function to your body. When your spine is aligned properly, pain can be relieved. Misalignment can interfere with the communication between your nervous system and the rest of your body

Your joint function and restriction can be restored by joint compression and therefore allows for more motion. It helps to loosen the muscle tension through adjustments and reduce blood pressure, improving overall circulation. Your joints can function at maximal level when you have proper muscle and ligament health. This can be accomplished by various types of adjustment techniques. The “crack” you hear during an adjustment are gases released from a muscle spasm. If muscles need to be relaxed, alternative treatments may be used before an adjustment.

It is impossible to completely eliminate stress from your life but regular visits to your chiropractor can prevent long term damage to your body that it typically causes. When your spine is aligned it allows for improved communication and better system efficiency. Your central nervous system is no longer blocked and all your systems can function properly. Movement in the spine stimulates your brain, which can help to stimulate immunity, solve digestive problems, and reproductive issues. When your chiropractor solves one problem, they are often solving many problems by bringing your body as a whole back into balance.

If you experience stress on a regular basis, visit your chiropractor regularly (this could be once a week, once every other week, or even once a month). To help you manage stress, your chiropractor can also make recommendations regarding nutrition, exercise, massage, and other techniques for relaxation and postural changes.