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Chiropractors are very talented and we sometimes forget all the things they can do to help our body, mind and lifestyle. When we think of paying a visit to the chiropractor, we might believe that there must be a problem with one of our joints and it’s causing unwanted pain. Although joint pain is a great reason to see a chiropractor, you should really be going on a regular basis to prevent lots of different things from happening to your body. Continue reading to learn the 5 things you may not have known that your chiropractor can help with.

Not just for joint pain

You can use your continual chiropractor visits to prevent pain from happening and correct your bad posture. They can also help prevent certain medical conditions such as; allergies, asthma and headaches. Your chiropractor can actually also prevent or help you through different behavioural disorders such as ADHD. Although your body and mind feel great, visiting your chiropractor annually is still a good idea and you shouldn’t wait until something is wrong. Chiropractors can adjust your central nervous system which could help with the negative symptoms of anxiety and depression. Chiropractors can actually give you fitness and nutrition tips to help you live both a happier and healthier life. If you’re unsure of all the benefits that your chiropractor can provide for you, ask us today!

Chiropractic care is ageless

Adults are not the only ones who can benefit from chiropractic care, children actually can too. Did you know that newborn babies are actually able to seek relief from a chiropractor? Many newborn babies have unwanted pressure felt on their necks which can be treated by a chiropractor. There are so many other ways babies can get relief from a chiropractor, check out this article to learn more. Children commonly seek chiropractic treatment to get gently adjusted and they can have improvements in their sleep, overall behaviour and immune strength. It’s a myth that you must be of an older age to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care, and you don’t have to be an adult to take part in a session. Seeing a chiropractor is good for anyone,  of any age, who may or who may not have joint pain. Remember, chiropractors can help you or your family members with so many other things, just ask!

It’s not scary

Chiropractors are very gentle and they don’t push you past your comfort zone. At Taylor Wellness, we use an activator instrument adjusting tool which is an alternative to manual adjusting and cracking of joints. It is a light force spring loaded adjusting instrument which feels very relieving to your joints. Although, for some, alignments may be scary, then again, so are scary movies but nothing will ever harm you. Your joint will actually make you feel looser and be able to move better right after your session. If you have any fears or anxiety surrounding your appointment, tell your chiropractor and be open with them. They will make your experience pleasant and they should always ask what you are and are not comfortable with before they do anything to your body. You’re in charge of your session and your chiropractor may make suggestions on what they think is best but if you want something different, they will do that for you.

Did you get into an accident?

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and car accidents are more common than we would like to admit. These accidents are life-threatening most times and if you’re lucky, they just take a hard toll on your body while you leave the vehicle scratch free. One of the first people you should see is your trusty chiropractor. They can treat those invisible injuries that you may not be aware of just yet but will find out through the rough hands of time. They can help reduce any inflammation and restore that range of motion you had in your joint before you were in an accident. Remember, although your car may be damaged goods, you don’t have to be. Your chiropractor may give you some homework that will include exercises to do at home to make your joint function better and can actually get you back to feeling normal. The exercises feel amazing and it almost seems like they might know your body a little bit better than you.

They’re the expert

Don’t let you friend crack your joints and pretend that they’re a chiropractor because they (probably) are not. You are also (most likely) not your own chiropractor, so don’t pretend to be, although it may feel good at the time. You can make the potential problem worse by not getting proper treatment, such as trying to crack a slipped disc (ouch). If you “pop” your neck often or even once, you may experience bad consequences that you will have to deal with for the rest of your life. Never forget that your neck and spine are very delicate. There are so many little nerves in your neck and spine that connect directly to your brain. Over time you could experience wear and tear to your joints because of continually craking them which is dangerous for both your spine and neck. You have to be so careful with your body, not only for your present self but also your future self!

Come for a visit!

Are you ready for the full benefits that a chiropractor can offer you? Visit Taylor Wellness and Chiropractic Clinics today! Take advantage of your body and mind. I promise that you will feel even more amazing after each session. If you’re unsure of anything or have specific goals for yourself that you would like to ask our staff, please contact us. We are the experts in pain management and have state of the art equipment to get you feeling the best you’ve ever felt.