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Why Should You Try Chiropractic Care This Summer?


Tennis, Soccer, Beach Volleyball. What do all of these sports have in common? SUMMER! But, Summer sports are sometimes followed by sports injuries. Chiropractic care has you covered to diagnose your sports injury and develop a strategy to find the relief you need. Tennis Elbow treatment, lower back pain relief, neck pain remedies, and spinal decompression are all approaches that a chiropractor will take in order to heal you faster and get you back out on the court, field or beach. At Taylor Wellness, we use natural techniques to help you get back in shape for the Summer! We’re going to give you 3 advantages of chiropractic care to help you get back to your highest athletic potential.

Soccer player who can benefit from chiropractic care because he's falling on the ground hard trying to save a goal.
Tennis court with close up shot on tennis net

1. Aligning the Spine

Think of your spine as the President of your body. Sure, the brain makes the decisions, but your spine is making all the moves. Your spine is, literally and figuratively, the backbone of your body. Your spine is comprised of 3 sections: cervical, thoracic and lumbar. Each section creates mobility for each part of your body. It’s critical to take care of each of these regions of your back to maintain a healthy alignment. When the spine is aligned, the body uses less energy trying to keep your body up and in line and then you can expend that energy elsewhere.

Athletes are constantly bending, turning, squatting and in some cases are involved in contact sports. The consistent, hard use of the spine can create harm for athletes, but chiropractic care can help tremendously. Aligning the spine can improve the performance greatly for an athlete. The range of motion, balance and coordination increases with each alignment; giving the athlete a greater opportunity to succeed in their sport.

But wait, how can we prevent our spine to move out of line while we are overusing it playing sports? Posture management is the key to success. Correct posture reduces the likelihood of injury during copious amounts of movement. Athletes with a better postural stance will be more likely to succeed in their specific sport.

What Can You Do To Have Better Posture?

Practice makes perfect. Try using the Wall Test to practice your posture and perfect your performance. The Wall Test is a great example of what you can do to straighten yourself back out. Stand next to a wall with your heels, buttocks, shoulders and head against the wall. Once you found and are maintaining the proper stance, walk away from the wall and continue to try and keep that posture. Use this method 1-2 times a day to gain strength in your posture.

These at home stretches can also help align your spine while you’re in between Chiro visits

Soccer player who is injured

2. Healing / Longevity

Often with high level performance athletes the injuries will be severe and the healing process even more dreadful. How can we step up the healing process so you can start competing again sooner? Chiropractors devise a plan that suits your specific injury or need to heal and restore balance to your body. They often know more than a traditional Doctor about joints, the spine and how to use natural methods to help the healing process.

Soft tissues are often the most common sports injuries; sprains, strains, contusions and tendonitis. Each adjustment your Chiropractor makes returns your joints back into alignment for proper function. When a joint is out of alignment, the muscles around that joint are working extra hard just to function correctly. The muscles around that joint inflame and your body sends more energy to those muscles in order to heal. Since you’re body has multiple areas to heal (including your soft tissue injury), it takes longer to send that energy to the right places. The inflammation around the soft tissue injury can decrease when an adjustment is made due to an increase in blood flow.

When blood flow returns to its original function, the injured area begins to repair itself. Chiropractors are able to increase healing by simply aligning the spine and increasing blood flow to the body to fight the right inflammation.


3. Pain Relief

Traditional Doctors often treat athletes physical injuries with prescribed drugs; this can sometimes bring unwanted exposure to addiction. Overuse of prescribed drugs has often ruined some athletic careers. Our team offers a natural approach to pain relief from athletic injuries.

Let’s say you’re an athlete with a common ankle injury. How is a Chiropractor going to help relieve your pain? “But, it’s my ankle that’s sore, not my spine.” The Lumbar 5 Vertebrae controls the ligaments that run into your lower legs, ankle and feet. By readjusting parts of the lower part of the spine, blood flow runs smoother and inflammation decreases, followed by pain relief.

Lower back pain is a common injury among athletes who play contact sports. Chiropractic care can provide lower back therapy for those experiencing chronic pain. The adjustments are part of the plan, but most Chiropractors will provide exercise and nutritional benefits to relieving your pain. Try some of these at home stretches to help with lower back pain in between your Chiro appointments.

  • Child’s pose – Position yourself on your hands and knees, tucking your shoulders and knees under your hips and reach out in front of you as far as you can.
  • Cat/Cow’s Stretch – Position yourself similar to child’s pose. Round your back and arch your stomach towards to ceiling while leaning your head in between your arms.
  • Lower Back Twist – Lay on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Create a “T” with your arms and roll your both knees to one side. Repeat on the other side.
Cat doing the cow pose or cat pose. Stretching

With Summer sports comes injuries; Chiropractic care supports athletes in their time of need. Find a Chiropractor that is going to diagnose your sports injury and provide pain management through aligning of the spine. Healing is important to athletes and finding a natural approach to healing is even more beneficial. Check out our services here at Taylor Wellness & Chiropractic Clinic.